Awaken – create an awareness of the importance of your heart health (#1 killer of humans worldwide).


Education – learn the greatest wisdom from the industries leading doctors, researchers and scientists the cutting edge breakthroughs. It is your responsibility to take care of your health.


Blood Tests – What gets measured gets done! Know and understand where you are today and learn where you have to be as quickly as possible. Heart disease is reversible and the faster you are compliant the better you will feel that you are in control of your life. Live a life of Tao. Live a balanced life and target the mid range as a lifelong goal for each blood test category. A life of mediocrity is to normalize your blood over time without a target date. A life of greatness is a heart healthy and compliant one, without medications. Stop giving yourself excuses. Choose a life of freedom and health!


Vegan SOS Free diet – The Miracle Heart Healthy Diet that allows your body to heal and can help to uproot the 16 leading causes of death. Once you understand the dramatic health benefits, get started and you will never look back ever again. Nothing trumps the taste of freedom!


Create Your Meal Plan – Tailor your meal plan to meet your individual needs. Throw out all unhealthy heart foods and go shopping for only heart healthy products.


Start your journey – to lifelong heart health, happiness and freedom. Life doesn’t get better than this!